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A Tribute to the Classics

Lately, I’ve been more than a little inspired by interior designs that cross the divide between past and present, harmoniously combining classic designs from years past, while at the same time, predicting the classics of the future.

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A focus on timeless design like this, I believe, creates confident, intelligent spaces that beg for contemplation and appreciation.

Take for example this stunning Barcelona apartment;  the light, elegant interior not only celebrates classic design, it throws a great big party for it – resulting in a space that is completely intriguing and visually very beautiful from all angles.

If you examine the living room you’ll find two white Barcelona chairs standing proud next to antique French velvet upholstered Louis XV chairs, next to an entirely modern white coffee table and a mixture of classic art and artifacts.  Of course, the crisp white floors and walls make for the perfect canvas to let this mismatch of styles truly shine.

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Take a look at the home for yourself below and let me know what you think?  I have also gone ahead and selected some very similar pieces, available at Coco Republic, so you can start thinking about your own collection of design classics.


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