Our homes are a place of living and leisure. The living space is a place to gather, connect and unwind. To evolve a living space from being visually appealing, functional and comfortable into something extraordinary requires careful consideration of the interiors, design techniques and good use of the space.


Juxtaposition, which in design refers to the placement of contrasting elements together to create an enthralling visual effect is a technique that can evolve your space into something remarkable. Playing with scale, contrasting materials, combining textures, mixing patterns and incorporating new and old pieces are design techniques that create depth, dimension and intrigue.   

In this feature, we have curated unique pieces to inspire you to evolve your living space into an extraordinary sanctuary that draws the eye.

La Croix Chaise 

The soft lines and organic shape of the La Croix Chaise create a sense of movement, which makes the space feel dynamic and thought-provoking. Influenced by Parisian design, the profile of the chair is also ergonomically functional and comfortable, as well as catching the eye.  

Denali Rug

A beautiful rug can serve as an anchor in a living space, defining the boundaries of the space. The bold colour of the Denali Rug adds a dramatic statement layered with texture and warmth. Crafted by global artisans, our collection of rugs supports the ancient lineage of craftsmanship with quality and durability at the core.  

Veneta Coffee Table – Calacatta Viola Marble

Crafted from natures antique, calacatta viola marble is a unique stone characterised by unique veining patterns. The variation found in marble creates a juxtaposition of textures and tones with no two pieces of marble exactly alike. Marble is an intriguing material to incorporate into your living space to add statement or a subtle accent. 

Atelier Sofa – Sheepskin Ivory 

A sofa is often the most prominent and largest piece of furniture in the living room and so sets a tone for the space. The Atelier Sofa boasts a refined allure that combines a contemporary silhouette with a romantic and feminine design. Available in a variety of upholstery options to suit your interior and make a statement about your design aesthetic.

Living spaces are the ultimate sanctuary for comfort, enjoyment and self-expression. Discover more of our pieces to make your space memorable, captivating and unexpected.