Our pieces are designed to complement the spaces in which they exist. The Dune Modular Sofa is versatile in comfort and style, the perfect addition to any home.

The constant transformation of nature offers an incessant source of inspiration. Inspired by the natural elements of sand and water, the Dune Modular Sofa embodies this, allowing you to transcend into a state of natural comfort. Providing unsurpassed sink-in comfort these pieces are designed for all-day laid-back lounging. 

Designed for ultimate comfort and longevity, transcend into a natural state of comfort with the Dune Modular Sofa.

The Dune Modular Sofa & Alpine Coffee Table

Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to design the perfect sofa to suit your home with a modular sofa. The Dune Modular Sofa boasts generous proportions, designed to complement an open space. The customisable nature of this item makes it equally aesthetic as it is flexible and functional.

The benefits of modular sofas are with the right care, they can truly last with you for a lifetime. Pieces can be added, removed, and reconfigured to your current and new spaces. With an array of pieces available, the possibilities are endless, making this sofa perfect for small, medium and large homes.

Configuration Options

Small-to-Medium Spaces

For smaller homes we would recommend a 3 or 4-piece configuration. This could comprise of the LHF Regular, RHF Regular and 1 Seat Armless pieces. Add the Ottoman to this mix for added comfort.

The Dune Modular Sofa & Alpine Coffee Table

Medium-to-Large Spaces

An L-shape configuration is suitable for a medium-sized room. This could be a 4, 5 or 6-piece arrangement. Create the perfect shape with a combination of the LHF Regular, RHF Regular, 1 Seat Armless, Corner and Ottoman pieces. 

The Dune Modular Sofa & Alpine Coffee Table

The Dune Modular Sofa & Alpine Coffee Table

Large Open Spaces

U-shape and L-shape sofa configurations comprised of 6 or more pieces best suit larger spaces. Use a combination of LHF Regular, RHF Regular, 1 Seat Armless, Corner and Ottoman pieces to build the perfect configuration. 

Linen is a relatively easy fabric to look after. To ensure your Dune Modular Sofa or linen sofa lasts a lifetime, we suggest the following care instructions. To treat stains we recommend spot cleaning using a mild detergent and water to avoid water marks. Don’t saturate your sofa with liquid and clean it with covers on to avoid fabric shrinkage. 

The Dune Modular Sofa & Murano Glazed Ceramic Side Table
The Dune Modular Sofa

Available in two colourways, washed linen indigo and washed linen mist, discover the Dune Modular Sofa.