Dion Horstmans is a Sydney-based steel sculptor, whose work is characterised by its three-dimensional line, form and angularity with an accent on space and volume.

For Coco Republic working with Dion felt very natural. His Golden State of Mind embodies our shared affinity for the outdoors, connection to the earth and passion for art and design. 

“Outside of work and the ocean home is where I feel safe. It’s full of the things that I’ve collected, it’s full of the things that I value. It’s a safe place. It’s me.”

Dion describes his Golden State of Mind as “When I’m in the flow state, when I’m making. The reality of it is aggressive and there are sparks flying and it’s physical, but in my mind it’s really quiet and really peaceful.” His lifestyle and practice are significantly influenced by the outdoors and the ocean. His favourite time of the day is sunrise, finding the experience of watching the sun come up past the horizon notably invigorating.

The coastlines of Australia offer uncompromising gratification. Stretching beyond the horizon, the ocean acts as a source of nourishment that can often make you feel meditative, serene and uncomplicated.






Our Golden State of Mind honours this relaxed antipodean way of living united with the soul-enriching natural elements of the Pacific. A way of life that has shared parallels with Dion’s connection to the earth, outdoors and fondness of the ocean.

Available online now. Coming to showrooms in mid-May 2022