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Field Notes - An Indian Bazaar

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An Indian Bazaar

Rich in fearless colour and luxurious design, India is a country of constant inspiration for the globe-trotting decorator. From hand-painted walls, to brightly patterned textiles, to intricately carved furniture with shell inlay detail, the Indian inspired interior does not shy away from colour or decorative design.

 Here are a few ways to subtly embrace an Indian inspired interior:

1. Don’t be afraid of a colour splash. Choose a warm shade of red, pink or orange to truly embrace south east Asia and apply it as a feature in your room – colourful scatters or a bright rug are a perfect way to do this. The significance of colour in India is deeply rooted in the Hindi Festival of Colours which celebrates (among other things) the vibrant colours of Spring and the new harvest after a long winter.


2. Sari Style. Traditionally worn by the women of India, Sari textiles are as vibrant and varied as India itself. Traditionally hand dyed, Sari textiles are now available in bright throws or scatters and can add energy to a dull living or bedroom. Lookout for hand-sewn quilts constructed of vintage Sari fabrics.

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3. Think about the details. Intricately designed tiles patterns, shell inlayed furniture or homewares, or even an antiqued metal accessory will add a touch of India in a subtle way, to your home.


Have been inspired by India? How have you added a touch to your home? We’d love you to leave your comments below.


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