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Apartment Styling 101

Boutique blocks. Grand developments.
Open plan living. Zoned rooms.
Petite spaces. Expansive spaces.
Small scale balconies. Wide open terraces.
Micro kitchens. Kitchens with all the bells and whistles.

Apartment living varies from complex to development but one thing is for sure – you aren’t as limited as you might think in creating a stylish sanctuary. I spoke with Coco Republic Property Stylist Wendy Schmalkuche on her top tips and insights for apartment styling.

What is your number one tip when styling an own apartment? 

Like anything one has to have a plan and a vision. Begin collecting images and styles of what you like – I’d suggest collating them together in a scrap book or on a computer program to see how it looks. You only need a couple of hero pieces in a room so go easy with flamboyant or statement pieces and let texture and colour work in with the scheme. Ensure you measure furniture pieces and draw them up to scale on a floor plan to see that they fit in the room with good flow in between. Access check is one of the most important things to consider – make sure your pieces fit in the lift, stairwell or doorways.

Why is the interior design of an apartment so important and what can a beautiful interior give to the owner?

Your home is your biggest investment and your sanctuary away from the outside world. It’s so important to invest time and money on things you love and bring you joy. Personalising your home with key pieces, favourite artworks and furniture that evokes a sense of warmth and security is imperative to a better quality of life.  Budget is actually irrelevant when creating a space that is reflective of you and your personal style. It’s all about what feels like home to you. 

What apartment style trends are emerging?

Indoor plants would be a trend that has gone full circle now. Greenery is even more important with apartments and can really make or break a room. Indoor plants are a great way to add a freshness to a room and make it less sterile. Being that apartments generally have small balconies or outdoor spaces, indoor plants give the space life, which is relevant to the local area.

How does styling a small apartment differ to styling a house?

It’s important to consider scale and use it appropriately. In a house you would have more room for larger pieces than an apartment so the key is to layer furniture and accessories so you can still achieve a warm, full look but not make the apartment seem cramped and short on space. Concealing storage with ottomans and sideboards would be another great tip. 

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