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How To: Adding Luxury In The Bedroom

The master bedroom can be a relaxing sanctuary with touches of feminine elegance. I spoke with Brisbane designer Elena Wigginton from Coco Republic Interior Design on her top tips to add a sense of luxury to a master bedroom.

Is there an art to layering textures?

Cushions and throws are a great way to add warmth and texture to a master bedroom. Layering scatter cushions of differing sizes and materials with complementing textures. No need to go overboard with a bed that is filled with cushions that only end up on the floor, but a pair of large velvet cushions or three cushions of different sizes and complementing textures creates a luxurious layered effect. Velvet is a perfect material for the master bedroom, soft to touch and luxurious.

Throws made of natural fibres add a soft texture to the bed, such as a soft wool, cashmere or mohair throw.

White linen adds freshness and always looks classic. I especially love white waffle weave or for a more relaxed look a white linen doona cover. Be aware, linen is meant to be soft and wrinkly, so if you are not ok with wrinkles steer clear of linen.

A bedhead finishes off the bed. An upholstered bedhead is another great way to add a soft and cosy feel to the room, think soft plain fabrics or subtle prints and textures. While a beautiful bespoke timber bedhead can add warmth and an organic element to the space.

Should you add a feature wall?

Creating a feature wall behind the bed adds a statement and sense of drama to the master suite. Painting is a cost-effective solution and choosing a muted colour will remain soft and warm, adding depth, without being too harsh. Installing a textured wallpaper can add a glamorous and luxurious statement. Select something with a subtle pattern and texture. A soft sheen will create an elegant feel, while a grass weave will bring an organic element. Of course, a dramatic pattern will bring big impact, however make sure you really love it as you will have it for many years. Remaining simple yet classic will allow your look to be changed up with feature colours in décor pieces.

What is important when considering bedside lighting?

Scale is important when creating a sense of luxury. If space allows, large lamps will create a grand feel in the master bedroom, especially important in rooms with a king size bed. And lamps with an interesting texture. I like to select soft rounded shapes with an organic feel to bring warmth and softness.

What should you look for in a rug in the bedroom?

A beautiful chunky knitted wool rug adds a sense of luxury with its over scaled weave, whilst a rug with a blend of wool and art silk will add a luxurious sheen to the space. Always select a rug that is wider and longer than the bed, and position it to sit under the bed approximately two-thirds of the way, leaving a gap between the rug and the bedside tables. Whether on timber floor boards or on carpet, a rug is a great way to ground the bed, especially in large master suites.

What palette evokes luxury?

Charcoal velvets balance masculinity with femininity and bring depth and contrast. Touches of rich colours can add moodiness without feeling dull and lifeless, such as rich emerald green, navy blue or deep berry colours.

What about other furniture pieces in the space?

A bedroom chair or end of bed ottoman is a luxurious element to add if space permits. And a storage ottoman can be both beautiful and practical, providing storage for the winter doona and blanket.

And for the finishing touches?

Adding simple décor pieces that add some sparkle or sheen to the bedside tables, such as a beautiful piece of rose quartz or crystal clusters positioned on top of your favourite book, with a beautiful, essential oil candle, I particularly like lavender for the bedroom, to promote relaxation. And definitely no television!


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