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Decorate Your Bedroom Like a Boutique Hotel

When traveling I always like to rent an apartment to try and experience the area like a local, but occasionally I love to treat myself with a night or two in a gorgeous boutique hotel. The reason why I prefer a boutique hotel over a big chain (unless it’s the Ritz or the Shangri-La) is because they’re a bit quieter and, generally speaking, they offer more personality in terms of style and design than the big hotel chains. Instead of treating yourself once in a while to a cozy boutique boudoir, replicate the look at home to enjoy every single night.

First thing’s first: to me one of the main features I notice in a boutique hotel guest room is the headboard. They’re often quite large in scale and have a really tactile appeal, which is perfect for the bedroom. I like the idea of a bedhead, as opposed to a complete bed frame, as it keeps everything else simple so as to not take away from the gorgeous statement at the head of the bed. I’d choose something like the Coco Republic Boxed Bedhead in a midnight blue or emerald coloured velvet, or a gorgeous tan leather, for a dramatic feature. Lighten it up and inject some of your own flavour to it by dressing the bed with a mixture of block-coloured and patterned cushions – I normally dress a bed with two euros, two standards, and an accent cushion.

A statement piece of art above the bedhead will encourage visual flow, not to mention it adds to the whole boutique hotel aesthetic. One or two really oversized pieces will create a more polished and refined look; it’s your chance to really show your personality, so don’t feel like you need to hold back when selecting the perfect piece to display.

The final touches for a boutique-inspired boudoir is all about creating a mood with lighting. I love nothing more than a beautiful sconce or pendant light placed above each bedside table to beautifully frame the bed, not to mention they have a functional value by keeping the bedside tables clear.

Max Sparrow