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How To: Choosing Bold Upholstery

The shelf life of an upholstery piece is often only as long as the fabric it is covered in.  And choosing the right fabric for your sofa or occasional chair can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to picking bold colours and patterns.

Here are some basic tips if you’re looking to take a risk on your upholstery:

1.  Choose colours that ties in with the rest of your space.  Sure, this may seem like an obvious one, but it’s important.  As a starting point pick a colour that is already an accent in your space, or is an easy addition.  That way, your space will have some colour unity.

2.  Never be afraid of layering patterns.  If your sofa is a bold pattern, feel free to throw around other ‘clashing’ patterns, so long as the colours are complimentary.

3.  If you’re feeling like making a big statement, try to pick a fabric or pattern that contrasts the shape of your furniture.  For example, a crazy contemporary print may work well on a traditional style wing back occasional chair – it will create intrigue and add an unexpected element to your home.

4.  If you want to play it safe but you’ve fallen in love with a bold fabric, consider a small accent like an ottoman or single panel on a dining chair, rather than going all out.

And when all else fails, pop into Coco Republic, where one of our Interior Design Consultants can assist with picking the right fabric for your style and look.

Beth F

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