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Colour Inspiration: Olive Green

When designing for an interior space, I believe it is important to create a space that will stand the test of time and not one that is going to go out of date and require immediate changes. This becomes especially relevant when we begin referring to furnishings, window treatments and other elements within our home that are either costly or difficult to alter.

With that said, we are still always excited to follow the latest schemes of design. If you stop for just one moment and open your eyes to the world around you will notice that many of your designs and colour schemes will follow not only fellow designers, but also homeowners in the exact same situation as you. That is totally understandable with a lot of our inspiration for our interiors being derived from fashion design, world events and the general mood and nature of our surroundings- elements that are accessible to the public.

With these elements in mind, this weeks blog is going to focus on a colour inspiration and will give you some tips and tricks in achieving an interior that will last you a life time, and one that will be different from your neighbours. The colour in discussion today is Olive Green.

Olive Green has been around in home decoration and design for a long period of time. There are a variety of ways in which to use it in a traditional interior scheme, but then a way to mix it into a modernized interior aesthetic.

One of my personal favorites is mixing olive green a blue together. When together, it creates a moody and desirable interior. Incorporate bold prints and textures into the space to enhance and celebrate the marriage of colour.

Olive also works extremely well in bathroom and kitchen design. Whether its as a wall treatment or as a joinery finish, the inclusion of olive into the space will lift elevate the ambience of the space. It pairs exceptionally well with marble, brass and copper as well. The contrast between the tones gives a dramatized design.

If you aren’t that daring, an equally successful home design can be executed by upholstering a key piece of furniture in the colour.

As you can tell I am extremely excited about Olive Green. It is a rich, bold colour statement that works well in so many applications.

Caitlan N

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