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Field Notes - Colour Love: Red-Purple

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Colour Love: Red-Purple

Enigmatic, bold and alluring, red-purple is one of my favourite colours. Radiating energy, this colour makes me think of exotic flowers such as orchids or fuschias. It’s a colour I wear often and it always delights the eye and mind.

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While often challenging to design with, red-purple can imbue a space with anything from high drama to sublime elegance when balanced correctly within a colour scheme.

Here the work of US interior designer, Rafael de Cardenas immediately comes to mind –in his 10th St NYC apartment he combines magenta, red-purple, purple and red-orange together against a backdrop of dark polished floor boards, dark wallpaper and glitzy black/gold furniture and accessories.

Similarly, La Belle Juliette Hotel, Paris (reception and rooms designed by Anne Gelbard) provide an example of magenta and red-purple working together to regal effect combined with quirky contemporary furniture and lighting.

Missoni for me are the quintessential colour designers. In their current furnishing and homeware collection, variations of magenta and red-purple are artistically crafted into beautiful colour combinations. From fully saturated colour combinations to deep, rich neutrals, magenta and red-purple entice and soothe.

Hand blown glass like the table lamps by US artist Joe Cariati and the ‘Bell’ coffee table by Sebastian Herkner interact with light to show off the inherent beauty of red-purple.

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Caitlan N

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