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Colour Trend: Blue Crush

Ok, so I know Emerald was announced as the 2013 Pantone Colour of the Year and I am so not on trend for getting excited about a colour that has been come and gone from contemporary interior design for years, however I have to say, there is something about the Australian summer air at the moment that is making me dream of blue.

The ocean, bright blue skies, summer holiday homes – blue, in all its variations, creates a cool escape from the warm summer winds and the beating Australian sun. 

Whether that’s the tranquil pastel version, reflective of the sky first thing in the morning, or aqua, like a rockpool at Sydney’s Freshwater Beach, or dark powerful blue like the flaking paint on a fish shop in some small coastal town – blue has a quintessential Australian-ness about it that conjures up childhood memories of Summertime.

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I’ll be looking to add a hint of blue to my home to trigger this wonderful nostalgia – maybe something bright and cheerful to pick up the tones of the Summer sky through my window, like a small side table, ceramic vase or light throw.

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Beth F