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Crystal Power

Crystals are said to have magic powers and energy but I just like the look of them.

I didn’t always like crystals however – in fact when one of my staff purchased a table lamp made of purple Amethyst crystals I was skeptical to say the least. Must have been too many school excursions to Jenolan Caves as a kid I thought. Turn’s out I’ve been attracted to their energy of late.

But my advice – don’t mess with their magical powers, use them with interiors in small doses and never place them near a dream catcher or you’ll have gone too far.

Kelly Hoppen has always been a big fan of the crystal and their powers – so is ABC Carpet & Home in NYC (see images for references). The Bigger and sharper the better in my opinion – and preferably mounted on Perspex to give them that clean kick that they often need.

Sydney, Australia

Anthony Spon-Smith

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