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Dark Days in 2017

We’ve seen a lot of colour last year featured in two different forms of intensity: saturated and muted palettes.

We had rich botanical greens, bright reds, pinks, as well as deep blues – perhaps, in part, inspired by the boldness and vibrancy of the Rio Olympic Games. 2016 also featured softer pinks (think Pantone’s Rose Quartz) and dreamy blue-greys, injecting some peace and calm into our homes. With all of this colour, what can we expect for the up-coming year?

According to forecasters, we’re expecting some dark days ahead. Expect to see darker timbers replacing blonde woods that have dominated many interiors over the recent years with the popularity of Scandinavian aesthetics. The same thing goes for marble as we’re gravitating towards black marble, as well as warmer stones such as travertine and onyx. Interior designers are working with dark panelling and cabinetry for a sophisticated and moody aesthetic.

Complimenting these deep sleek materials comes the earthier metallics of brass and bronze, replacing the shiny coppers that have featured in many homes. Expect these materials to be introduced in more artisanal forms, as more organic silhouettes will be desired.


Max Sparrow

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