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Inspired By: Herringbone Floors

One of my all time favourite interior finishes is Herringbone flooring.

Having just bought my first home, a run-down 100-year-old terrace in Surry Hills, there is not a lot I wouldn’t sacrifice to ensure I can afford to renovate with Herringbone floors.

A classic finish that speaks of heritage, yet transcends centuries of style and trends, Herringbone flooring undoubtedly adds character and value to a home.  Parquetry flooring was first used in Versailles in the 1600’s, and appears today in some of the most contemporary new builds.

Interior icon Nate Berkus has used white-oak Herringbone flooring in his own home, combining classic antique elements with select pieces from many design eras to achieve a iconic New York aesthetic.

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Across the globe, Nina Bergsten also incorporated Herringbone floors in her Swedish home. A completely different style to Nate Berkus’s home, she has combined Scandinavian minimalism with feminine French design. Incorporating pieces from parisian flea markets, and using a white and pastel colour palette, the rooms are impeccably finished with high architraves and detailed wall mouldings.

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