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Field Notes - Drama and Texture by Darren Palmer

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Drama and Texture by Darren Palmer

Right now is a very exciting time at Darren Palmer. With 8 projects on the books and 4 more exciting ones in the early stages there are so many fantastic concepts, finishes and textures to talk about.

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One of my favourite and most complete concepts is an apartment design that I am working on in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

This beautiful apartment has great bones, but the thing I'm most excited about is the client's willingness to indulge my creativity with finishes and textures.

In the master bedroom (this is something I’m really looking forward to seeing come together) we are mixing 3 complimentary Elitis Azzurro Wallpapers. We're transitioning from a solid, quite striking ethnic texture, through to the transition version which then wraps into the plain cream version in the hallway of the master suite.

This will wrap around the walls and into the ensuite where we’ll be applying a bronze version of this vinyl paper:

The other side of the room will lead into a beautiful wall of drapery in a charcoal fishermens net contrasted by this Designers Guild Satinato Slate fabric.

Next, the bed-head will be upholstered in this striking, chain-mail-like fabric in Warwick Neon Quartz.

This bedroom is going to be all kinds of luscious, in a really masculine way. I should mention this apartment is a bachelor pad and will suit its owner extremely well.

I'm also very excited about a few of the other features planned for this project. The lights being one of them. On the left here is a fantastic pendant (by Melbourne based Christopher Boots) is a definite stunner for above the dining table and the raw simplicity of the Blasted Light on the right will rescue the kitchen from it's grid of halogen downlights.

Last but not least is the amazing 2 story fireplace I have planned. I won't show you too much as I want the photoshoot to be a surprise but it's being lined with a great product called Laminam which I'm using across several projects at the moment in different colours and textures. This is the finish I've specified which will make this project a symphony of black, copper and texture.

I simply can't WAIT for the project to be complete so I can shoot it and show you all the result! 

I'll be going over this project and more in detail at the next Coco Republic Design School Design Session in August.

You can also catch me at Decoration and Design in Melbourne, Friday 20th July with Interiors Addict Jen Bishop on “Harnessing the power of PR & Social Media” to grow your design business.



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