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Eye on Design: Ann Wolf

Ann Wolf isn’t my favourite interior designer, but her eye for detail specification and use of harmony and scale in her jobs is second to none.

This Houston home she has designed recently caught my eye. The use of colour is soft and subtle and if you check out some of the design details – the rug intricacy, the appropriate artwork and sculptures, and the tonal matching – you’ll see that she’s designed the rooms to match the building perfectly.

Looking at this home I coin the style ‘mesmerizing mid century’. A little bland on first look, but when you stare at it for a while (or visit) you get into some of the details and it comes alive with flavour.

It seemed to be a goal of mid century life to live simply. One level bungalow homes with sitting rooms complete with smokers augmented ash tray, grand dining spaces and large dressing tables. Friends popped in unannounced, kids sat at the table and afternoon tea included a nip of alcohol and a laugh.

This home takes me back there – mesmerizing me with it’s simplicity and soothing my soul from the busy life I lead.


Anthony Spon-Smith

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