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Field Notes - Form in Motion: Dame Zaha HadidField Notes - Form in Motion: Dame Zaha HadidField Notes - Form in Motion: Dame Zaha HadidField Notes - Form in Motion: Dame Zaha HadidField Notes - Form in Motion: Dame Zaha Hadid

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Form in Motion: Dame Zaha Hadid

This phenomenal lady would have to be one of my all time favourite architects. While her unique work has been described as ”frozen movement” and “form in motion”, Hadid herself describes it as “virtuoso of elegance”.  I couldn’t think of a more apt description.

Most recently, Zaha Hadid was awarded the title Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) for services to architecture and is also the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker prize for architecture. On being awarded the Jane Drew Prize for her outstanding contribution to the status of women in architecture her response was “Getting to where I am is hard. But it is do-able. Women architects do need some support from others who have made that journey”.  Hadid is truly an inspiration to all women.

I first encountered Hadid’s work in my early years of study of interior design & was hugely inspired by her dramatic, dynamic painting style and her ability to push the boundaries of design through the use of innovative materials and new technologies. Her organic, innovative forms rely heavily on computer aided design, and the actual building of these shapes required huge investments in terms of engineering and finance.

Hadid’s paintings and drawings have always been her way of presenting ideas to clients, to get across the ‘feel of the spaces’. It’s clear that her work has developed from these drawings – from the abstraction and fragmentation of shape into the development of ideas and then fluid organisation which becomes the end architectural design.

Most recently, all eyes have been on Hadid’s highly acclaimed aquatic centre designed for the London Olympics and inspired by the fluid geometries of water in motion.

Tanya is a teacher at Design Centre Enmore and the Coco Republic Design School.

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Tanya Dobble

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