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Design Field Notes

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Getting it Right: Wall Creative

Your home should be a reflection of you and all the things you love to surround yourself with.   And the best place to make your mark is on your walls – a simple, blank canvas on which to get creative!

As a general guide, the centre point for your  “wall creative” should be at eye level, then work out wards from there.  If you choose to have a collection of frames, don’t limit your images to just photos – the most expressive walls also add text, drawings, art, and objects; anything that you love and that inspires you. 

The picture wall I created in my own home contains artworks, photographs and anything special or unique to my family.  I have tied the concept together with black frames, to create a little consistency.

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Some of my favourite examples of wall creative, that I have collected are below: wall murals, plates, torn magazine pages, hanging objects, unframed artworks, fabric wall hangings.  Let your imagination go wild and get creative!

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