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Design Field Notes

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Five Minutes With Textile Designer Grace Garrett

I love the idea of designing your own rug completely tailored to your own space. As Homewares Buyer for Coco Republic, I wanted a bespoke touch to our rug collection and in collaboration with Australian textile designer Grace Garrett, we now offer the Private Rug Collection. Luxurious yet personal.

Exclusive to Coco Republic, six designs are available in three weave styles crafted from premium New Zealand wool. A custom colour palette of over 50 hand curated pantone shades are available in soft neutrals through to seasonal colours.

I caught up with Grace Garrett and asked her about the exclusive range.

What was your design inspiration?

The Grace Garrett rug designs are, modern, contemporary and luxurious. They are all inspired by my travels and the journey of life experience. Each design starts with a photo, and is then stylised into a more abstract or geometric pattern. 

The Asian Lattice and Travellers Palm design, was inspired by my time living in Asia. Our street was lined with these palms, and I loved the geometric nature of them. Asian Lattice was inspired by many of the timber carved doors and cement blocks. Both of these designs are part of the Beauty of Asia Collection. 

Avant Garde is part of the Deco Glamour Collection, which explores Art Deco classical motifs and geometric stylisations in a contemporary way. The Avant Garde rug will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space.

Afrique Chevron and Mud Cloth are part of the Tribal Collection, inspired by African markings and block prints. 

Pandanus Palm is part of the Australian Collection, inspired by my yearly pilgrimage to Byron Bay, where the coastline is lined with this beautiful native tree. I love the random abstract nature of this design.

Which design would be your pick?

I would have to say the Mud Cloth Design in classic black and cream. My personal decorating style is quite eclectic. I love mixing lots of pattern which you can do very successfully if you stick to a simple colour palette and repeat. I have a number of African and Asian pieces collected along my travels which works really well with the Mud Cloth design. 

What makes this rug collection so special?

The rugs are all custom made to size and colour by expert crafts people in Nepal. This means you are getting a one off piece, made to your exact size and colour specification.

We offer three weaves. Flatweave, Hand Tufted and Hand Knotted. A little about each:

Flat weave rugs are rugs that are woven on a loom, rather than knotted. Because these rugs are woven rather than knotted, they do not have a tufted pile. They tend to be much thinner than knotted rugs, making them generally less insulating. However, the thinness of the rug can be an advantage, as it makes it highly versatile; flat weave rugs have been used for thousands of years as flooring and wall hangings.

To make a hand-tufted rug, the pattern is drawn in mirror image on a piece of fine cloth stretched on a frame. Each wool yarn stitch, either looped or cut pile, is added individually according to colour. When the tufting is complete, the back of the rug is coated with to hold the stitches in place. Then the rug is sheared and carved by hand, and the edges are trimmed using a big pair of scissors. Thus each rug is made completely by hand of all-natural 100% NZ Wool.

A hand knotted rug, is the technique that is used to make fine oriental carpets. Each piece of yarn is hand-knotted around a long piece of fibre; the higher the knot count, the finer the rug. When all of the knots have been added, the edges of the rug are sewn by hand, and the face is hand-sheared. Our suppliers are a member of Goodweave, which ensures that all of our rugs are child labour free.

Why should you design your own rug?

Whats magical about the custom rug program, is how different each design can look depending on the colours selected. You can make a bold statement or or a subtle one.

Having your own bespoke rug means you can customise your rug to the perfect size and colour combination. Its a handmade, work of art for your floor and each rug is totally unique. 

Beth F

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