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Hide Away

If you didn’t have a giant black rectangle in mind for the focal point of your room, there are many beautiful ways you can cover your television up.

Two way mirrored frames are a clever way to conceal a TV. When the TV is off it just looks like a normal mirror, then there is a clear picture when you turn the TV on.

Personally, I prefer to cover them up completely.

Bespoke Cabinets or Armoires can add interest and a decorative focal point to a room. They can also conceal any high-fi equipment, gaming consoles and DVD’s. If you can’t live without a TV in your bedroom, there are some elegant smaller cabinets that also work in bedrooms, that won’t dominate the space.

Get the look with these cabinets from Oly San Francisco, available at Coco Republic.

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Complement your scheme with rich dark timbers or light whitewash designs. Opt for total concealment or let the television peek through by considering the cabinet doors.

See my gallery below for inspiration.


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