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How to Select the Perfect Bedside Light

When selecting the bedside table lamp that is right for you it is important to consider first what you want your table lamp to do for you. Do you need it to read by at night? Dispel the darkness from a gloomy bedroom corner perhaps? Or will it simply be something beautiful to wake up to and decorate your bedroom?

If you need your lamp for mostly practical purposes, this should be your starting point. If you need your bedside table lamp to give you task-focused lighting (such as to read a book by at night or to light a device) a style with an adjustable arm and focused beam of light might be the right choice.

The Coco Republic Arnage Table Lamp’s adjustable arm provides the flexibility to position the light where you need it to be and the small brass shade catches the light, guiding it to illuminate a specific spot.

If you’re craving beauty in the bedroom or your table lamp is going to be used mostly for decoration then consider your personal style and the style of the room the bedside table lamp will be going in. The lamp choice should suit both of these considerations.

Table lamps made with glazed ceramic bases in curved shapes and in beautiful colours may suit a more classic taste or traditional residence. These types of lamps often come with patterned or smooth, glossy base and in many different colours making them easy to style into a bedroom and a playful way of expressing your personality.

The Coco Republic Blossom Table Lamp, with its chinoiserie pattern and ginger-jar inspired shape is the perfect addition to a traditional bedroom.

If your taste and room is contemporary, consider choosing a style that is simple and where the materials are solid and of very good quality. In a contemporary interior where “less is more” the sculptural shape and quality of the materials used becomes very important. See the modern Clover Ceramic Table Lamp above as an example.

The Tamsin Alabaster Table Lamp by Coco Republic is a good example of a table lamp that would work in a modern interior. Its simplicity is set off by the grounded and ethereal quality of the alabaster stone base.

Sometimes a bedroom can feel a little grey and gloomy- this is a bedroom in desperate need of help! Your bedroom should have the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of a sanctuary. If this is sadly the case, it would be worth choosing a bedside table lamp that creates warm tones, a soft glow and perhaps even introduces a little glamour.

With its soft gold resin base and lyrical shape, the Oly Studio Stefano Table Lamp, featured above, is the perfect cure for this unfortunate type of bedroom.

The last consideration in choosing the perfect bedside table lamp is its size. Your bedside table lamp should be in correct proportion to your bedhead, bedside table and the size of the room. See the Lorenzo Alabaster Table Lamp’s position in its environment above as inspiration. for this concept.

As a general rule, the width of the lamp shade shouldn’t be larger than the length of the table it sits on and whilst there is no rule around the relative heights of table lamps, bedside tables and bedhead each piece should work together to achieve a sense of balance.  No individual piece should disrupt the easy feeling of the pieces working in proportional harmony.

The above image of a Coco Republic styled bedroom features the Saint Germain Marble Table Lamp in correct proportion to their surroundings. These table lamps feel balanced and your eye moves comfortably and easily around the room. Because of their correct scale, you are able to appreciate all the beauty and detail in the space.

I hope that these little bits of advice help you to go forth and light up your life!

Enjoy the gallery below for your bedroom lighting inspiration.

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