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How To: Styling Your Rental Home

Gone are the days where renting a house or apartment limited your sense of style. Lifestyle is often a big factor in the rent vs buy debate and with no shortage of properties available to rent in desirable locations, here are a few tips you can use to inject some personality into your [rental] home.

Create an Entrance
The entrance of your home gives you a moment for an emotional transition, welcoming you from a tough day at work. It should serve a practical purpose, but also act as an introduction to your personality, to your style. A great way to create a practical and beautiful entrance is through a console table. It acts as the perfect base for personal touches such as photo frames or colourful cherished antiques, as well as practical purposes such as beautiful trinkets or bowls to hold your keys, or hidden draws to hide your mail. Have a look at the Jonathan Adler Channing 3 Drawer Console for a glamourous touch.

A mirror is a great addition to the entrance for quick visual checks before heading out for the day. If you’re not able to hang anything on the walls, try placing a large mirror on the console, leaning it against the wall. Or try an oversized piece like Coco Republic’s Madagascar Standing Floor Mirror for a striking arrival.

Add In Greenery
Create a lush aesthetic with beautiful indoor plants that require low maintenance. Your local gardening store is the place to go for recommendations on plant types to suit your space and often have beautiful vases and pots available that won’t wreck your flooring when watered. I love the look of a Fiddle Leaf Fig in the corner of a room or a few tropical ferns scattered throughout a space. Greenery never dates and will enhance a sanctuary feel.

Replacing The Old With The New
A lot of rental properties come with dated window treatments and hardware, and terribly painted walls. With thanks to removable wallpaper, you can cover those ugly salmon-coloured walls with cool contemporary designs. Have a look online at Removable Wallpaper, where they have a large range of removable wallpaper including designs from Florence Broadhurst and Cole & Son – amazing!

Try adding in gorgeous rugs into your home to help define spaces whilst covering up old carpet. Rugs are a great way to add a bit of luxury and colour into the space, and the great thing is that you can invest in a beautiful rug to take with you when you move. A personal favourite of mine is Coco Republic’s Dusk Til Dawn- Midnight rug, for a bit of moody elegance.

Another way to replace the old with the new is by replacing old hardware in the kitchen and bathroom. The great thing is that it’s temporary, just like all the other tips, so you can always switch back to the originals when your lease ends.

Max Sparrow

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