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Timeless Meets Modern: Interior Design in Huntley’s Point

Coco Republic Interior Design delivers another breathtaking interior. As seen in the new issue of Belle magazine, Coco Republic Interior Design has curated a timelessly elegant family home in Huntley’s Point, Sydney.

Senior Interior Designer Lily Cumberland spoke with Harry Roberts, Deputy Editor of Belle magazine on the project:

What was the client brief?

The brief was to create a family friendly space, that had a bit of wow factor in each room. With a young family, the spaces needed to be both functional and low maintenance. 

What were the challenges of the space and how did you resolve them with your scheme?

The main challenge of the project was trying to work out the function of each room. The Kitchen and Lounge were originally in the same space, but all of the walls in this area were either large windows or doors, and there was no wall space to put a TV. The TV was sitting over one of the windows in the corner. We ended up converting this lounge room space into a dining room, and introducing a TV hidden in a cabinet into the formal lounge, so this could double up as a living room too. 

How would you describe the completed interior?

The completed interior is very understated, that plays on light and dark, with pops of colour throughout. The interior celebrates the heritage architectural elements, whilst being both contemporary and and sophisticated. 

What are some of your favourite elements? Were there any devices employed to maximise the sense of space?

My favourite elements include the mix of textures and colours in the soft furnishings, with pops of pink that feature throughout the house (even as the splashback in the Master Ensuite). We kept the wall colour a light grey throughout to maximise the feeling of openness, and create flow between the rooms, which had previously felt quite dark and pokey. 

What informed the selection of furniture, art, fittings and finishes?

The clients appreciated interesting pieces, and we’re afraid of mixing different styles and finishes. With very young children, we invested in dramatic lighting in each space (as the chandeliers were out of reach of the kids!). 

Were the owners happy with your execution? How do they use the space?

It’s a great house for entertaining, with the main hub of the kitchen and dining area opening out to outdoor lounge, and pool area. I was very lucky to have such trusting clients who were so much fun to work with throughout the project. 

View the entire project by Coco Republic Interior Design here.


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