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Intriguing Art at Coco Republic

Coco Republic have just received the first shipment of beautiful wall art from a Los Angeles based studio, Natural Curiosities Art House. We chose to represent the range because of the stories the pieces tell in an interior and the delicate presentation methods used including acrylic box frames and hand applied silver leaf.

The detail needs to be seen to be believed, some of the stories behind the pieces are below;


Cacophony represents Natural Curiosities' love affair with music.  By applying numerous scores on top of each other, the piece no longer represents a particular sonnet or piece of music but rather represents music itself. Originally the piece was created using just one music score, however the focus became too much about the literal piece of music rather than the emotion of music.









Peggy MacNamara

Peggy MacNamara is a professor at the Chicago Art Institute and resident wildlife artist at the Chicago Natural History Museum. The Migration series reflects her collaboration with scientists following bird migration patterns. The overall concept is part of our “American Odyssey” series which we will continue to develop over the next year. The Degas studies are studies taken from the original bronze sculptures.

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Tree of Life Series

Inspired by our love for Nature and everything natural, the tree of life series is taken from a 19th century manuscript from our archives. The images have been blown up in size and some of the details applied by hand with silver leaf.


Nile Voyage Turtle

These illustrations are taken from La Voyage Aux Sources du Nile by James Bruce in 1768. Bruce was a Scottish explorer who traveled down the Nile River, studying and sketching all forms of life he encountered. This illustration is one of the earliest known of turtles.

If you have the chance, visit one of the Coco Republic showrooms to see them for yourself!


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