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Kidding Around; Decorating for your little one

I've just purchased a new home with a bedroom for my baby girl and am in full baby room decoration mode. Since it’s occupying a lot of my time, I thought I'd pass on some recommendations on decorating for the little one.

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Keeping the concept simple is the best way. Generally you'll be changing things in a relatively short period of time (as baby grows) and simple concepts can have just as much impact and, lets face it, are a lot cheaper. 

Here are four key components I'll be following; 


Colour is obviously an important element for children's brain development and general fun and excitement. Pick a colour that excites and, call me old fashioned, but I think it should be gender relevant. Pastels have been scientifically proven to calm – which everyone needs at this time in their lives. Consider a pattern like a spot or star to add interest.

Artwork & Lighting

Beyond picking a nice, fun colour to paint the walls, artwork and lighting should do a lot of the rest of the talking. A couple of well hung, fun artworks and a feature light will be impactful and will not hurt the wallet.


When choosing furniture try to integrate as much storage as possible. Kids need to play with things so it is vital to have a space to hide it all.


Let’s face it, raising children can be tiring and sitting on the floor to play with them can make it even more so.  Sometimes you just want a chair to sit in. If you can fit it, pop one or two in – handy also if you're feeding them to sleep.

 Here are some of the rooms I’ll be using for inspiration:

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