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Creating a chic, dreamy interior for spring and summer is a lot easier than you think, especially when you focus on one design aspect at a time. This post is dedicated purely to the soft furnishings in the home and what to look for to achieve a breezy and beautiful interior.

When I think of summer I think of beach holidays and soft curtains floating in the fresh sea breeze. Sheer curtains will help create this effect, giving off a soft romantic aesthetic and relaxing atmosphere. You can even incorporate this look into your bedroom, just have your sheer curtains (I love s-folds, personally) in the forefront with your block out blinds sitting behind – that way you won’t get blinded by the light in the mornings!

Speaking of the bedroom, nothing says summer luxury more than gorgeous linen bedding for the perfect combination of elegance and casual appeal. Go for bright whites, earthy hues, or even pinky-greys and blues. Keep the styling minimal – less is more in summer.



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