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Lit Up: Styling with Sconces

Let’s be honest here – nothing says casual elegance like a beautifully styled wall sconce.  Sconces are a simple way to add ambience, glamour and bold style to any home.  And on a practical note, they add light without taking up precious floor space in small corridors and staircases, or can work hard to highlight artworks, mirrors or bed headboards with effortless style. 

Traditionally used to light up castles and beautiful old homes with candlelight, I tend to lean towards sconce designs that have a timelessness to them – ie. a contemporary shape with a more traditional shade, or that uses a finish or design that has a hint of old-world glamour to it.  My favourite at the moment is the Oly Grayson Electrified Sconce, that uses mirror in a contemporary deco design and looks just as beautiful during the day as it does, lit up at night.

If you’re feeling bold, choose a style that completely clashes with the rest of your space – pick an ultra romantic sconce if your home has hints of the contemporary, or vice versa.  Installing sconces is the perfect opportunity to add some quirky personality to your space.  And don’t forget to consider the purpose of lighting the space – determine what size room you’re working with and whether you need a style that will act as a primary or complementary source of lighting in the room. 

Sconces are almost always styled in pairs, so I’d always pick a central point to balance the two sconces symmetrically around – ie grounded piece such as a central fireplace, console table or bed as a starting point.  Hang the sconces roughly 160-180 cm from the ground.  Spread them around 180-200cm apart, preferably flanking a mirror, artwork or other feature on the wall.

Always make sure your sconce is wired to Australian standards and that you hire a professional to help you install it.  Or, choose a candle sconce and save yourself the hassle.

Shop the Coco Republic sconce range here, and check out my favourite sconce inspiration below:


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