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Behind The Design: Styling Minka Twins

Coco Republic Property Styling were commissioned to style Minka Twins, a prominent architectural residence by Story Developments and Bureau Proberts in the Brisbane suburb of Bardon. Inspired by traditional Japanese dwellings, stylists accentuated the modern, raw aesthetic of the property with contemporary furnishings and a subtle colour palette.

Indoor and outdoor spaces are integrated seamlessly, with feature batten screening and expansive glass sliding doors highlighted by the consistent use of minimalist furnishings inside and out. Coco Republic specified soft marble, lustrous silks and textural timbers throughout to enhance the unique appeal of this intricately designed home.

Coco Republic Property Stylist Kristy-Lee Michael says on the vision: “We were motivated to maintain the minimalist, Japanese inspired aesthetic of the design throughout. For me it was vital that our styling did not detract from, but rather enhance the immaculate carpentry and open atmosphere of the property.”

On the styling selections, Kristy-Lee adds: “The building really invites a connection between internal and external spaces, we didn’t want the furniture to conflict with this. It was important that the outdoor furniture continued the story from inside to out. I selected the charcoal Catalina outdoor range to emphasise the framework and solidify this connection.”

“Placement of furniture is a key consideration in a property like this. Our client Story Developments allowed us free reign on space planning. It was a fine balance between enhancing the architectural qualities of the space and creating an environment suitable for modern living.

“The formal living area was specifically arranged so as not to affect traffic flow right from the large swinging plywood doors at entry through to the glass stacking doors at the rear of the house. You get a real feel for the design being able to move through it with ease.

“The external façade of the twin’s side by side is quite striking. We had to consider this in the selection and placement of furnishings in the upstairs living area, which is partially visible through the feature batten screening to the street. An achromatic colour scheme in this room allows for a hint of what might be, without confusing the architectural impact of the streetscape.

“A home like this has a clear connection with nature and I wanted the furniture selections to reflect this. I did this by using pieces such as the Coco Republic Toledo Bedside, which is hand made using solid Teak timber, with an intricate but subtle woven rattan door.

“The kitchen in this home feels effortless and generous. The kitchen and dining furniture needed to integrate seamlessly in this space.

She finishes: “We selected the smoked oak Brighton dining table as it plays off nicely against the soft, warm plywood joinery and the ivory barstools provide a needed contrast between the plywood kitchen island and dark, polished concrete floors.”

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