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The Most Moss: Bringing the Outdoors In

This month Coco Republic has introduced a new kind of wall art to their collection – a series of three, totally real, moss fields for your home.  Are you as curious as I am?

Designed to bring a hint of the outdoors in, the intriguing framed fields of moss are created with Sphagnum, Spanish and Mood moss, bedded on an earthen stained pallet of wood.  The moss is almost entirely self sufficient from here – perfectly suited to warm climates, indoors.  If they ever start to look a little dry, the moss just need a spray of water and will bounce back immediately.

Moss has been making an appearance in interiors worldwide this year.  I’ve spotted moss bed heads, moss bathmats, moss tables and even moss carpets.  With it’s delicate, soft texture and vibrant green hue, it is sure to make a statement in your interior and be a great conversation starter.

Check out Coco Republic’s 3 moss field artworks on their website here, and below.

Beth F