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Q&A With A Designer On Redecorating

Ever thought about redecorating but don’t know where to start? Or felt the process is overwhelming so you have considered engaging in professional services?

I sat down with with designer Jarred Pior from Coco Republic, to discuss his recent projects in Melbourne’s inner city suburbs of Malvern and Northcote. He shared the steps and processes involved in engaging with Coco Republic to redecorate your home.

What is the process when the clients come in store for a consult?

I approach our in store or in home design service process as a series of stages and I see my role as an advisor, closely guiding my clients through each stage towards the best and most personal result they are able to achieve.

The first stage is when the clients come in store. During this first in store consult I try to get to know the clients as well as possible and their brief in as much detail as possible. ie. which rooms they need to furnish, which specific pieces of furniture they like in the showroom and their taste, their timeframe and how much they would like to spend. I guide the clients through the showroom’s offerings in a very detailed and personal way presenting products, fabric options and ideas. I like to spend at least one hour with the clients qualifying these things.

Any further details about the home decoration service?

As I said above my approach is methodical and I see the service as a series of stages. The first is the showroom meet and consultation, the second is the site visit, the third is the presentation and order and the fourth is the installation. As a general rule most clients are not able to order everything I propose with their first order so many of my HV clients are ongoing, working with me and ordering over a length of time – I am going on four years now with some!

How did you approach these projects in particular?

I was so lucky to be working with wonderful people who cared deeply about their homes on these particular projects. Because of this I approached the projects with a high level of care and attention, spending a good deal of time getting to know them and their tastes and requirements really well. I think the clients felt this and were thrilled when I presented them with schemes that felt highly personal to them. This approach also helped to extend them into ordering more than they had first anticipated!

What were the client’s seeking?

In both Melbourne projects – comfort, something that felt personal to them and a retreat.

What key styling principles do you adopt in every project?

In each project I like for a room to have a focal point, a beautiful floor plan that can seat multiple people and is flexible and I also like for a room to feel welcoming and gracious. If there is seating, something comfortable with somewhere to put down a drink is very important. Specoil and beautiful fabrics also make a big difference.

What is the most important element to developing a scheme?

In my opinion the clients practical needs is the most important. The scheme should be developed from this and without this element the project does not work.

Click here to book a complimentary in store design consultation, or enquire about our in home services. Or view the projects below.

Malvern Project:

Heathcote Project:

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