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Selecting The Perfect Sized Rug

As a design consultant for Max Sparrow, I can’t stress enough how important a rug is into completing an interior scheme. From the size, colour, feel, and type of material, finding the perfect rug sometimes can end up being a hard task. Let me help you out with a few of my go-to tips on the most frequented question about rugs: size.

In the Living Room

There’s nothing worse than seeing a rug that only just frames the perimeters of a sofa, so be generous when it comes to the size of your rug – the bigger the better! If you’re lucky enough to have a large open space, define your zone with a rug large enough to fit all of the floating furniture items without it feeling cramped. In my Brisbane showroom I have a large 3 seater sofa, two occasional chairs, a coffee table, two stools, three side tables, and a high back occasional chair placed on a 300 x 400mm rug – and yet I feel as though I could get away with a slightly bigger rug!

If your living spaces are already in defined zones (more or less), then go with a rug that covers halfway – meaning, choose a rug that’s large enough to be able to sit half way beneath your main furniture items, with the two front legs of your sofa, occasional chairs, and side tables placed neatly on the rug.

In the Bedroom

Placing your feet on a cold hard floor straight out of bed will be sure to wake you up quickly, but wouldn’t you rather ease into your mornings with a nice plush feel under foot? Introducing a rug into your boudoir, placed half way beneath the bed with the remaining half extending out, will not only provide comfort to your feet, but also a soft and soothing visual appeal perfect for the bedroom.

In the Dining Room

You wouldn’t want your guests to have their dining chairs catch on the edges of your new rug, so to be safe, ensure you allow an approximate 1500mm from the edge of your dining table to the edge or your rug to guarantee you and your guests can easily move your chairs in and out with ease.

I hope these tips on size, paired with the inspiring images, will help next time you go hunting for the right rug. Happy shopping!

Max Sparrow

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