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Shaking It Up: Shaker Style on Trend

Today we have time for a bit of a history lesson:

The Shakers were a religious group that formed in 18th-century England.  They branched off mainstream Protestantism and shared simple, communal values (ie. they believed in common ownership), and every home was devoid of decoration, leaving the rustic and the raw exposed.  To summarise the Shaker’s interior style, I’d draw on their saying “beauty rests on utility”.

The reason I’ve done my research into the Shaker “look” is because it is clearly making a resurgence in today’s design landscape.  The style embodies a trend that is moving away from classic form-follows-function design, takes notes from Scandinavian style and is a fresh take on contemporary living.

Try it at home with uncoated ladderback dining chairs or accessories with wooden bowls and thick knitted throws.  Keep the colour palette neutral, your layout unfussy, and highlight different combinations of raw finishes.