Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Interior spaces

Studio Toogood Designs

At first glance of Studio Toogood‘s portfolio, it is clear that there is an innovative and fearless creative force at the wheel.  The driver is Faye Toogood, a London based designer renowned for her creation of raw, sculptural, intuitive pieces and spaces.

Best explained on the Studio website;  “The studio collaborates with clients who seek alternative ways of developing their brand or interior.  Its distinctive approach disregards convention in favour of something altogether more brave, joyous and impulsive.”

Although perhaps not for the conservative, I believe Toogood’s furniture and installations are successful because they are not like anything else on the market, mainstream or boutique.  Her work captivates and excites an audience, whilst remaining functional and practical.  In my experience, this is not easily found and deserves special appreciation.  Viewing such a unique and unpredictable style is a pleasure, as if through her creations we are able to see directly in to the inspired mind of a true creative.  

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Impressively, Toogood’s creations are all hand made by small scale fabricators and traditional artisans that work and experiment with the materials inherent qualities.  I am won over.

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