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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Summer Redecorating

Summer, to me, is synonymous with happiness and health – it’s the festive season and the season for new beginnings and resolutions. All of this combined with heat-induced beach trips makes for a fun and positive time of the year. What better way than to reflect this in your home! Follow these two simple steps to shrug off the darkness of the cooler months, and introduce more light and positivity in to your interior.

Brighten up your home by removing all the dark cushions, blankets, and throws you might’ve accumulated throughout the winter. Instead, opt for lighter and brighter pieces to reflect the vibrancy of summer in your home. Have a look at Jonathan Adler’s extensive range for fun bright printed accent cushions, or Coco Republic’s range for modern watercolour florals and exotic prints.

Bring the outdoors in with lush plants. I’m not the best gardener – give me the task of looking after a plant and I’ll most likely either drown it to death, or dry it out like a hot Victorian summer. Even if you’re a black-thumb like me, there are still some fool-proof plants that can complement your interior over summer. My favourites are the Spider Plant, Rubber Tree, and the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig. Add the Rubber Tree and the Fiddle Leaf Fig in a gorgeous ceramic pot and let the glossy leathery leaves pop against the rest of your interior, or place the Spider Plant on your desk or étagère and let the charming pompom-like stems drape over the edge for a delicate touch.

Take a look at these beautiful photographs below to help inspire your next interior transformation.

Max Sparrow

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