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Coco Republic Surfcraft

I recently purchased a retro surfboard and the craft is simply a thing of beauty. My wife agreed however living in our small beachside apartment it took up a lot of room.

It did get me thinking however, how beautiful these retro boards are inside nice interiors – so I created our own range for Coco Republic. We took our beautiful interior fabrics, combined them with some of the best retro surf craft shapes and produced some amazing looking boards. The process is not common, and neither were the results.

They look amazing, and being shaped by one of the best surfboard shapers in Australia the boards are not just pretty – they also perform like the legends they are. We did Mini Mal’s (7ft) for you older ‘cruiser’s’ and some Mini-Simmon’s (5-6ft) for that cool Bondi crowd.

I recommend purchasing one and putting it in the corner of your beach house living area – you’ll feel like you’re rolling down a 3-foot cruising swell just looking at it.

Click here to view the Coco Republic Surfboard range.

Sydney, Australia

Anthony Spon-Smith

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