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The Alex by Arent & Pyke

Arent & Pyke have garnered widespread praise for their beautiful residential projects but this year took out Best Hospitality Interior at the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards for The Alex Hotel in Perth.

Alex Hotel responds to the overarching concept of the ‘Hotel as Home’. Personal touches together with tributes to legacy nurture a sense of intimacy, connectedness and domesticity. The hotel exudes character with a familiar feel.

Dark and light is contrasted throughout with a beautiful use of colour and texture. Dramatic moments are created with intriguing lighting pieces and architectural detail.

The hotel itself is design savvy but incredibly affordable. With 74 rooms to choose from, guests can take their pick from a range of small, medium, large, extra large, bunk or family rooms available which is great for those with more than the standard 2.4 children in the family or for anyone travelling on their own.

Together with architects Space Agency, Arent & Pyke have delivered a brilliant hotel to the Perth travel market.

The duo also took out Reader’s Choice Award for favourite residential interior with their Double Bay House project.

Anthony Spon-Smith

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