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The Eau Hotel, Palm Beach

When Jonathan Adler was asked to redesign 309 guest rooms and suites at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Florid, he choose a simple three colour approach.

“When I think of Palm Beach I think of the blue of the sea and of the sky, white of the fluffy clouds and yellow of the Sun”.

Following on from this thinking, Adler injected his ‘happy chic’ style into the hotel along with signature accents to add style and craft. 

According to hotel owner Simon Lewis and Creative Director Ayelet Rahav, employing Adler was a “no brainer”.  With an eclectic interior aesthetic that draws inspiration from many styles and eras, the hoteliers knew the look would appeal to ‘multi generational families with diverse backgrounds and experiences’ – the hotels target market.

The result is ultra fun, sophisticated and  super ‘chic’, of course.  The hotel is perfect for a meeting or a cocktail, seamlessly combining indoor and outdoor living.  I have heard the Hotel summed up as “Capri meets Santori meets Palm Beach”… And you can see why if you look at the images.

The artwork was exclusively commissioned by Jonathan himself, each piece injecting his signature playfulness into the space.  Slim Aarons, Leila Jefferies, Donal ‘Drawbertson’ Robertson and Jenna Snyder-Phillips all feature heavily.

The hotel is filled with humour and surprises. Desks are lined with tassels (“the earrings of the home” according to Adler) and bathrooms include hidden – jewel boxes. No moment is without a touch that makes guests chuckle and relax.

Jonathan’s vision was that everything in the hotel room would be something worth stealing – and if you have the chance to stop in there I suggest you do just that.  They’ll just charge your card won’t they?

Anthony Spon-Smith