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The Rose Hotel, Venice USA

Fashion photographer Glen Luchford and his business partner Doug Bruce are by no means the first owners, nor shall they be the last, but they are the current and indeed the catalyst for the most recent incarnation of The Rose Hotel.

It is admittedly not much to look at from the exterior but the subtlety of the outside really fools the casual passerby into a false sense of security. Set against the vibrant Venice backdrop (that would be Venice, USA not Venice, Italy) it’s been known to entertain thugs and thespians from all walks of life including Charlie Chaplin, Jim Morrison and Dennis Hopper. Designed by Abbot Kinney in 1908 amongst the impending prohibition it became a debauched haven for the teeming east coast colour and lifestyle.

Now, by this point you’re probably expecting some low and smoky relic with busted eaves and framed bullet-holes but let me assure you that nothing could be further from reality. The neutral palette has really been allowed to shine here and I love the way that the grey and white seem to be the overarching common theme. Soft linens, charmingly overstuffed loveseats, and cobblestone fireplaces are some of the stand out features to me. Well, that and all the natural timber they’ve used. Dark timber, blonde timber, that delightful in between honey colour, the stains are timeless and perfectly suit the ageing rose that is, well… The Rose.

Max Sparrow

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