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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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When Your Art Is Above A Sofa Or Bed…

Creating a gallery wall is a design trend more popular than ever before, and is an expressive and creative way to show personality. Here are a few tips for hanging artwork over sofas or beds.

Over a sofa, use the width of the lounge to determine the length of your gallery wall, and consider the height of the ceiling. Leave a minimum of 20cm between the top of the sofa and bottom of the picture frames. Take into consideration the size and shape of the sofa and the sizes of the artworks going above it.

When your artwork is to go over a bed in a master bedroom or guest room, use pieces which are uniform to create a sense of calm.

Keep the artwork within the boundaries of the bed itself (or bedhead) and approximately 1.5 metres off the floor. Alternatively, starting the artwork from 15cm above a 120cm high bedhead.

If the artwork is to go over a child’s bed, then ensure the artwork is fixed securely and high enough not to be knocked off the wall. Here you may use a playful mix of different artwork styles and hang them at different levels over the bed, and even stepped at varying levels over the bedside tables. 

To personalise the gallery, frame the child’s own artwork and add oversized numbers or letters relevant to the child’s age or name. 


Joy Simonsen

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