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Espresso with Purpose: La Colombe NYC

Travelling through America can be troubling for coffee lovers (addicts) like myself.  If you’re no where near a Starbucks (only JUST acceptable) you’re generally left with the filtered McDonalds-style plunge business, which, let’s be honest is not even an option if you’re used to being spoilt for choice in Sydney or Melbourne.

Thank god, whilst passing rhough NYC last month, I found a simple little coffee oasis: LA Colombe in Soho, an espresso bar with purpose.

La Colombe cafes (there are a few of them around) are efficient in their dedication to ensuring coffee fanatics get their hit quickly and to great satisfaction.

The café fit out, to me, is reminiscent of being in a contemporary Colombian coffee enthusiast’s pantry. Curved timber lined counters with white marble tops, mid-century artworks and large coffee machines serviced by urgent and experienced baristas. The expectant crowd gathered outside, 20m down the street, patiently anticipating the mouth-watering brew.

A recommendation is to check out their Cold Pressed Bottled Coffee – steeped in stainless steel tanks for 16 hours then pressed and filtered twice. Amazing.  With my jet lag kicking in, I had to go back there twice a day at least.  If you're in town, (jet lag or no) I highly recommend you do the same.

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Anthony Spon-Smith