Design Inspired By Mixing Light & Space

Intriguing Objet d'Art has a strong association with art and design. Our In-Residence Design Series II considers the deeper connection of light and space with a focus on lighting in the collection. Great interior design is defined by elements and principles that are subtle, yet powerful when examining the process of creating something breathtaking.

Every interior space has its own individual light language, an intangible quality that conditions our mood.

Natural and artificial lighting has the power to change the mood, atmosphere, and perception of space. Lighting can be considered a form of art in its own way, used to evoke visual impact or effect. From pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces the collection features beautiful lights, designed for each room and occasion, enabling you to create your desired mood. 
Like light, space, can impact our mood and behaviour. It is pivotal in interior design to understand the space itself to make the best use of it. Lighting and Occasional Chairs are pieces, which can be incorporated into your space to make a positive visual impact.

Discover the Light & Space Edit 

Valero Sofa   

Featuring Parisian inspired curves and broad channel detailing the Valero Sofa will elevate your home to editorial level with luxurious designer flair. The sofa features comfortable cushioning with foam and feather wrap, sinuous springs and a frame crafted from solid timber.

Alta Timber Accent Chair

Designed to inspire a connection between materiality and space, the Alta Timber Accent Chair appears to defy gravity while taking on a solid form. Handcrafted using time-honoured joinery techniques that celebrate the inherent natural beauty of solid timber. Whether placed in an entrance or positioned in front of an artwork, this chair will be sure to take pride of place as a sculptural centrepiece.  

Nokita Occasional Chair  

Curvaceous, soft, and low-slung, the Nokita Occasional Chair is a joyfully modernist creation that embraces both comfort and effortless versatility. The design features textured boucle fabric, comfortable low-slung cushioning with high-resilience foam and fibre fill, sinuous springs and ball feet crafted from solid oak. 

Aleka Brass Table Lamp  

Aleka Table Lamp is classic in its shape and influential in its design. Crafted and finished in brass, the Aleka Table Lamp offers a polished and elegant appeal with its contemporary, sophisticated style. 

The use of light and space in interior design will impact the mood. Understanding these elements and principles will enable you to elevate your space in a way that adds individually and purpose.

Available online now. Coming to showrooms in mid-May 2022