Terms & Conditions

These Terms apply where Saveba Pty Ltd (ACN 002 728 985) trading as Coco Republic (Coco Republic) supplies interior design service packages to a Client. 

  • 1. Definitions

    In these Terms:

    Australian Consumer Law means Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and the corresponding provisions of the relevant State and Territory fair trading acts;


    Client, you means the person, entity, firm, or corporation that acquires Services from Coco Republic pursuant to these Terms, and whose details are set out in the relevant Order and includes the Client's permitted assigns, successors, employees, servants, and agents. It does not include commercial clients or clients requiring bespoke services who will enter into separate terms and conditions with Coco Republic;


    Client Supplied Material means all text, graphics, photos, designs, imagery and other information or materials that you give us so that we can complete the Services.


    Coco Republic Showroom means the Coco Republic showroom from which the Services were ordered by you, if applicable, or as specified under the relevant Order to provide the Services;


    Consequential Loss means any loss, damage or costs incurred by a party or any other person that is indirect or consequential, as well as loss of revenue; loss of income; loss of business; loss of profits; loss of production; loss of or damage to goodwill or credit; loss of business reputation, future reputation or publicity; loss of use; loss of interest; losses arising from claims by third parties; loss of or damage to credit rating; loss of anticipated savings and/or loss or denial of opportunity;


    Consultation means the Services provided by us to you in consultation including the presentation of the Deliverables.

    (g)Consumer has the meaning given to it in section 3 of the Australian Consumer Law

    Consumer Guarantee means any right or statutory guarantee under Division 1 of Part 3-2 of the Australian Consumer Law;


    Contract means the contract for purchase of Services between the Client and Coco Republic which comprises these Terms and all Orders for the Services placed by the Client and accepted by Coco Republic;


    Deliverables means the deliverables specified as being applicable for each Package only, including floor plans and mood boards for the applicable number of rooms per Package and any additional Deliverables purchased as specified in an Order;


    Fees has the meaning given in clause 6(a) including the fixed fee as applicable to the Package as set out on the Website, any additional work and Travel Costs or other agreed costs as specified in an Order;

    (l)Goods means any goods recommended to the Client by Coco Republic via the Services or Deliverables

    GST Act means A New Tax System (Services and Services Tax) Act 1999;


    Intellectual Property rights means all rights to, and any interest in, any copyright, design, trademark, trade name, confidential information, and trade secrets. It includes plans, presentations, and compilations in the form of mood boards.


    Loss means any losses, liabilities, damages, costs, interest, charges, fines, penalties, or expenses (including reasonable lawyer's fees and expenses) whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, or otherwise;


    Non-Excludable Rights means any statutory rights conferred on the Client which Coco Republic is not capable of excluding, restricting, or modifying, including Consumer Guarantees conferred on the Client under the Australian Consumer Law;


    Order has the meaning given in clause 1;


    Package means Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 Services as described in detail on the Website;


    Services means the interior design services, including virtual and in store Consultations and site visits and Deliverables supplied by Coco Republic to you based on the applicable Package and confirmed in an Order;


    Serviceable Area means the specified locations to which Coco Republic ordinarily offers Services;


    Store Credit has the meaning given in clause 13;


    Terms means these terms and conditions;


    Travel Costs mean the fees specified in an Order for a Coco Republic consultant or consultants to attend a Client site if it is more than 20 kilometres away from the Coco Republic Showroom


    Website means https://www.cocorepublic.com.au.

  • 2. Agreement


    Subject to any Non-Excludable Rights, Coco Republic and the Client acknowledge and agree that these Terms take precedence over all other conditions of supply, and apply to the exclusion of all other documents, prior discussions, representations, understandings and arrangements (written or oral, express or implied) and other representations (contractual or otherwise), whether or not endorsed or delivered with or referred to in any Order or other documents delivered by the Client to Coco Republic.


    The Client accepts these Terms, as amended from time to time in accordance with clause 5, by placing an Order for Services, by performing an act that is done with the intention of adopting or accepting these Terms, including continuing to order Services after receiving notification of an update by Coco Republic, or by oral acceptance. Once these Terms are accepted, a Contact is formed between the Client and Coco Republic.


    For the avoidance of doubt, once these Terms are accepted by the Client, the Client is bound by all of its obligations under the Contract even where it acquires the Services under the Contract for the purpose of resupplying them to another person or providing them to another person in connection with the supply of goods or services. This clause applies despite any discount that Coco Republic has agreed to provide the Client and whether the Services or Package are provided without charge as a promotion.


    If the Client expressly enters into these Terms on behalf of another entity, the Client warrants and represents that the Client has the authority of that entity to bind that entity to these Terms.


    Coco Republic may update these Terms from time to time and the altered terms shall apply to Orders placed by the Client after such notification and will supersede all previous terms and conditions imposed by Coco Republic regarding such orders.It is the Client's responsibility to check the applicable terms on the Website before placing an Order.

  • 3. Order and delivery of Services



    (a)The Client may place an order for Services with Coco Republic in-store or via the Website, provided the required location is within Coco Republic’s Serviceable Area (Order);
    (b)Each Order placed by the Client will constitute an offer by the Client to acquire the Services from Coco Republic on and subject to these Terms and will form part of the Contract if accepted by Coco Republic. 

    Coco Republic reserves the right to accept or reject any Order, placed by the Client at its sole discretion, including rejecting an Order where the required delivery location is outside of Coco Republic's Serviceable Area.

    (d)While Coco Republic endeavours to display accurate times on the Website or in the Order for the delivery of the Services and Deliverables, these times are estimates only and may be subject to change, providing that the Services and Deliverables where possible are provided within a reasonable time.  

    It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the Client's information included in the Order (including the Client's name, contact number and email address) is correct and to notify Coco Republic of any changes to such information.


    Coco Republic may from time to time, at its sole discretion, accept Orders requiring Services to locations outside of its Serviceable Area (however, for the avoidance of doubt, acceptance of such orders does not modify or extend the definition of Serviceable Area to apply to new locations).




    Upon receipt of the Fees for the services (unless it is a Tier 1 Package and complimentary), Coco Republic shall perform the Services for the Client based on the Services specified in the Package and confirmed in the Order.


    Coco Republic will contact the Client to book in a date for any Consultations (either virtual or at the Coco Republic Showroom) set out in the Order.


    On completion of the Deliverables Coco Republic will present them to the Client in a Consultation at the Coco Republic Showroom or online. Coco Republic will incorporate any comments that you have in revised Deliverables within seven (7) days of the date of that meeting and submit the revised Deliverables to the you for final Subject to any Non-Excludable Rights, this process can be repeated a maximum of two (2) times with no further revisions provided.


    All visual materials provided by Coco Republic (including photographs, samples, renderings, mood boards, 3D Tours, virtual tours, animated walk-throughs, and the like) are intended to convey the design concept and aesthetics of the proposed project. In other words, they are artistic representations and interpretations of the design concept there to assist you to “visualise” the proposed design but will not always depict the precise outcome. These materials are for “illustrative purposes” only. You  acknowledge and accept that sometimes necessary changes or modifications will need to be made in the implementation phase which means that there are variations between the visual materials Coco Republic give you and the final result (for example as a result of factors such as: space limitations, construction requirements, and availability of materials at the time


    Our Services may include furniture procurement services. Any Goods ordered from Coco Republic by the Client or Coco Republic on your behalf as part of the Services will be subject to the Coco Republic Terms and Conditions of Sale. You agree to pay for the Goods according to the payment terms set out in the Quotation or as otherwise notified. Please note that the prices and availability of Goods may change any time. Coco Republic will advise you of the delivery and installation dates at the time of placing Orders (these will be estimates). There may be delays in delivering your Goods due to unforeseen circumstances and circumstances out of our control. You acknowledge and agree that we cannot be held liable for such delays.


    If applicable to the Package ordered Coco Republic will contact the Client to book in a date for the Client site styling on delivery of Goods ordered (Installation Date).


    Coco Republic reserves the right to nominate the time for Consultations, Site Analysis Date and Installation Date but will use all reasonable endeavours to nominate any preferred date that you communicate to us.

      1. For the Site Analysis Date or Installation Date you must:
        1. ensure that your correct site address is provided in the Order;
        2. inform Coco Republic of any issues, difficulties or specific requirements associated with attending the site address, or where such issues, difficulties or specific requirements arise or become apparent after the time of Order, as they arise or become apparent; and
        3. ensure safe access for our consultants, including by ensuring that the site address does not require Coco Republic’s personnel to navigate hazardous terrain or active construction sites.

    The Client acknowledges and agrees that unforeseeable circumstances (such as traffic congestion, weather events, delivery delays, and road closures) may impact Coco Republic's consultants’ ability to attend on Site Analysis Date or Installation Date, and that in such cases the dates may need to be rescheduled.


    The Client acknowledges and agrees that, subject to any Non-Excludable Rights, if Coco Republic is unable to deliver the Services due to the Client's failure to comply with clause 2 (h)) the Services will be rescheduled in Coco Republic’s discretion and the Client:

    1. releases Coco Republic from any liability arising from failure to provide the consultation; and
    2. will not be entitled to any refund or exchange in relation to the Services, arising from the failure to provide the consultation.

    Changes to Site Analysis Date or Installation Date

    1. The Client may not change or cancel the Site Analysis Date or Installation Date without Coco Republic's prior written consent.
    2. If Coco Republic consents to a change or cancellation of the Site Analysis Date or Installation Date but the Client requested the change or cancellation less than 24 hours before the Site Analysis Date or Installation Date, the Client will be charged a $50 administration fee.


    Coco Republic's liability

    Subject to any Non-Excludable Rights:

    1. if for any reason Coco Republic is unable to fulfil a Client's Order or deliver the Services to the Client by the estimated delivery date or at all, the Client will be notified and may (at its discretion) cancel the Order receive a Store Credit, or a Coco Republic Gift Card for the value of the Services;
    2. in all other cases, Coco Republic will not be liable for any Loss incurred by the Client where Services (or any of them) are not delivered by the estimated delivery date, or at all.

    Intellectual Property


    The Client licenses to Coco Republic such Intellectual Property Rights in Client Supplied Material as are necessary to enable the Coco Republic to perform the Services in accordance with this Contract.


    Client acknowledges that Coco Republic’s Deliverables including proposed specifications, mood boards, floor plans may include written materials or documentation that describe or engender concepts, ideas, instructions, samples, related materials or documentation, photographs, drawings, schematic, and copies of the foregoing all of which may be subject to Intellectual Property Rights of Coco Republic or its licensors. Coco Republic reserves all right, title, and interest in and to such Intellectual Property Rights. The Client agrees not to challenge the validity and enforceability of Coco Republics Intellectual Property Rights. The Client shall not copy, distribute, or make the materials available to any third party other than as set out in clause 4.3 or to remove or efface or obscure any trademarks, labels, or other proprietary notices, except with Coco Republic’s express permission.  


    Subject to clause 4.1 and 4.2, Coco Republic grants the Client a royalty-free non-exclusive irrevocable licence to use such Intellectual Property Rights for the purpose for which the Services are provided subject to payment in full of the Fees for the Services where applicable


    Designers’ drawings are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth design intent, they are not to be used for architectural drawing, construction, or engineering purposes.


    The Client recognises that Coco Republic may need to document the Services performed relating to the Client’s project. Client agrees to allow the consultant to photograph the project during all stages, including after project completion. Photographs will be used for business purposes and will not disclose Client’s name without prior consent. Coco Republic may use the photographs or any part thereof in connection with any marketing, promotional and/or advertising campaigns of Coco  Republic.


    Pricing and payment


    The Fees for the Services will be as set out on the Website or otherwise quoted by Coco Republic to the Client and confirmed in the Order (Fees).


    All Fees quoted or listed on the Website are in Australian dollars and include all applicable taxes, including GST, unless otherwise specified.


    The Fees listed on the Website are subject to change from time to time without notice. It is the Client's responsibility to check Coco Republic's Fees on the Website prior to placing an Order.


    The Client must pay the Fees in full for the applicable Package and Services on placing the Order (except as provided without charge in a Coco Republic as a Tier1 Package, or as otherwise agreed between Coco Republic and the Client in writing).



    Subject to any Non-Excludable Rights: 


    Coco Republic may cancel an Order after it has been accepted where it is reasonably required to do so in response to an inability to service the Order;


    The Client may cancel the Order within 24 hours. The Client cannot otherwise cancel an Order after it has been accepted without Coco Republic's consent, which consent will only be granted in extremely limited circumstances at its discretion;


    If Coco Republic consents to an Order cancellation, the Client acknowledges and agrees that the Client will receive Store Credit for all amounts paid to Coco Republic towards those Services, less a 20% administration fee to cover Coco Republic's administrative costs and other expenses incurred in handling and cancelling the Order.


    Claims and refunds

    Subject to any Non-Excludable Rights, all claims for defects will be dealt with in accordance with clause 7, and no refund or exchange will be provided to the Client for any change of mind, the Client’s error in ordering the Services or Goods or the Client’s  instructions to provide the Services in a certain way against Coco Republic’s advice or if the problem with the Services is outside Coco Republic’s control, except in accordance with clause 5 (if applicable). 

  • 7. Defects


    Subject to Australian Consumer Law


    The Australian Consumer Law provides Consumers with a number of Non-Excludable Rights. This clause 7 is therefore to be read as subject to such Non-Excludable Rights and will not apply to the extent that it excludes, restricts, or modifies those Non-Excludable Rights or is otherwise contrary to law.


    If the Client is a Consumer, the following text applies:

    Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

    Our Services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. For major failures with the Service, you are entitled:

    (A)        to cancel your service contract with us; and

    (B)        to a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value.

    You are also entitled to be compensated for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. If the failure does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have problems with the service rectified in a reasonable time and, if this is not done, to cancel your contract and obtain a refund for the unused portion of the contract.


    The Client must, as soon as possible after delivery of the Goods or performance of the Services, check whether there is any defect in the Goods or Services. The Client must advise Coco Republic of any defects no later than 2 Business Days after delivery. If the Client gives notice under this clause 2, the Client must preserve the Goods or Services in the state in which they were delivered or performed and allow Coco Republic to access the Client's premises to inspect or collect them.

    1. All Defect Notices are to be given to the Coco Republic Concierge Care Team by calling 1300 000 220 or by email via productsupport@cocorepublic.com.au.
    2. Coco Republic will, upon receipt of a Defect Notice, contact the Client to help determine, acting reasonably, whether the Services are defective and, if they are, will inform the Client how Coco Republic will remedy the relevant defect. Coco Republic may, at its discretion, request further information or assistance from the Client for the purposes of making this determination, including arranging for a virtual and/or physical inspection of the Services, and the Client must promptly comply with all such requests.

    If Coco Republic determines, acting reasonably, that the Goods or Services are defective, subject to this Contract and any Non-Excludable Rights, Coco Republic may either replace / resupply the Goods or Services, or refund the portion of the Price payable for the Goods or Services.

  • 8. Goods and Services Tax (GST)


    Words or expressions used in this clause that are defined in the GST Act have the same meaning given to them in that Act.


    Unless otherwise stated, any amount specified in the Contract as the consideration payable for any taxable supply includes any GST payable in respect of that supply.


    Each party agrees upon request to do all things, including providing valid tax invoices and other documentation that may be necessary or desirable to enable or assist the other party to claim any input tax credit, adjustment, or refund in relation to any amount of GST paid or payable in respect of any supply made under or in connection with the Contract.


    If an adjustment event arises in relation to a taxable supply made by a party under this Contract (supplier), the amount paid or payable by the party to whom the taxable supply is made (recipient) will be amended to reflect this and a payment will be made by the recipient to the supplier or by the supplier to the recipient, as the case may be.

  • 9. Gift Cards


    Please refer to The Coco Republic Terms and Conditions of Sale for Client purchases or payment using a Coco Republic gift card (Gift Card).

  • 10. Store credit

    10.1 Please refer to The Coco Republic Terms and Conditions of Sale if Coco Republic issues a Client with store credit, which the Client may use to purchase or make payment to Coco Republic for Goods or Services (Store Credit).

  • 11. Claims and limitation of liability


    The Australian Consumer Law provides Consumers with a number of Consumer Guarantees that cannot be excluded or limited. The limitations of liability set out in these Terms are therefore subject to and will not apply to the extent that they limit or exclude such Consumer Guarantees.


    The extent of Coco Republic’s Services are limited to interior design services. Our Services do not include contractor services, landscape design, or architecture. We do not provide legal, compliance, architectural, construction, engineering, or structural advice. While we may provide information in relation to these areas, this would be general in nature. Any advice, recommendation, information, assistance, or service provided by Coco Republic in relation to Services supplied is given in good faith and, subject to any Non-Excludable Rights, shall be accepted without liability on the part of Coco Republic and it is the responsibility of the Client to confirm the accuracy and reliability of the same in light of the use to which the Client makes or intends to make of the Services.


    Coco Republic recommend you seek out trade-specific advice for your individual circumstances. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with all legislation. We will not be held liable for any loss, claims or damages if you chose to rely on our general advice.


    Coco Republic wish to highlight that designs are for reference purposes only and hence not intended to be relied upon for construction or building work. All measurements are approximate. Coco Republic will not be liable for any claims, loss, or damage if you rely on these drawings for construction or building work.


    Except only for those rights and remedies that the Client has in respect of the Goods and Services under the Australian Consumer Law which cannot be lawfully excluded, restricted, or modified:

      1. Coco Republic excludes any liability for Consequential Loss;
      2. all conditions, warranties, and implied terms, whether statutory or otherwise, are excluded in relation to the Goods and Services; and
      3. Coco Republic is not liable to the Client for any Loss which the Client suffers, incurs or is liable for in connection with supply of the Goods and Services under the Contract except in accordance with clause 7.
  • 12. Force Majeure


    In this clause 12, Force Majeure means an act of God, war, revolution or any other unlawful act against public order or authority, an industrial dispute including strike or other labour disturbances, a government order or restraint, pandemic and epidemic, a shortage or unavailability of raw materials, production capacity or transportation, and any other event not within the reasonable control of Coco Republic.


    Where Force Majeure prevents or delays Coco Republic from performing any obligation under the Contract, the requirement to perform that obligation is suspended as long as the Force Majeure continues.

  • 13. Privacy

    In order for you to receive the full benefit of our Services, we will need to collect and use your personal information. Our policy regarding the collection, handling and use of personal information is set out in our Privacy Policy which you accept by using the Websites. To read our privacy policy click here.

    Contacting our Privacy Officer

    Privacy Officer

    Coco Republic

    24-32 O'Riordan Street

    Alexandria NSW 2015

    Phone:  1300 000 220

    Email:    privacyofficer@cocorepublic.com.au

  • 14. General


    The Contract is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. Coco Republic and the Client submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State and courts entitled to hear appeals from those courts.


    In these Terms, the words 'include', 'including', 'for example', 'such as' or any form of those words or similar expressions do not limit what else is included and must be construed as if they are followed by the words 'without limitation' unless there is express wording to the contrary.


    If a provision in these Terms is wholly or partly void, illegal, or unenforceable in any relevant jurisdiction, that provision or part must, to that extent, be treated as deleted from these Terms for the purposes of that jurisdiction. This does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the provision of any other provision of these Terms.


    The Client and Coco Republic are not and are not taken to be in a partnership, joint venture, employment, or fiduciary relationship. Nothing in this agreement gives a party authority to bind the other party in any way.

  • 15. Enquiries

    For all enquiries related to your Order, including delivery, warranty, or product support matters, please contact your dedicated project manager or the concierge team as per below:

    Coco Republic Concierge

    Phone:   1300 000 220

    Email:    concierge@cocorepublic.com.au

    Post:      24-32 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

    Last updated on February 21st, 2024